A new way of pitching

Making a great pitch is essential for entrepreneurs and innovation teams – to raise investment and resources. But how do you know what to say? How do you build your storyline? And what should your pitch deck look like?
Pitchy makes it easier and quicker for you to create a powerful, persuasive pitch.
Proven tools that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs are now brought online, guiding you step by step towards a winning storyline, and a great looking pitch deck.

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What Pitchy does for you

Pitchy helps you and your colleagues script your pitch, and automatically helps you generate great slides with it.


Numerous pitch templates for every pitch you’ll need are pre-set. You get video examples, and training tips, which guide you on what to tell at each stage of the pitch. You can even collaborate with mentors and advisors within Pitchy.


Making great slides can steal your time, and cost money. With Pitchy, the slides are created based on the keywords in the script. We give you layouts, images, icons and text options, which shrink the time it takes, and massively lift the quality of your slides.


Once you’ve got your story straight and slides designed, it’s time to practice. Pitchy gives you scientifically proven to help you memorise the pitch, and enables you to put focus and energy on the key words It also gives tips and examples for body language do’s and don’ts.


The team behind Pitchy

The people who created Pitchy are working with Startups and Innovation teams every day. We’ve trained hundreds of teams and designed their pitch decks. Now we’re making the tools, that have helped raise millions of investment, available for you online – with Pitchy.

David Beckett, Pitch Expert

David has trained at numerous accelerators around the world, and coached professionals at companies such as Google, ING, Unilever and IKEA. He’s also a trained over 20 TEDx speakers, is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, and was a Country Director at Canon in his previous corporate career.

Robin Dohmen, Concept

Former head of Design at Startupbootcamp, Robin has developed a unique style that brings pitches to life and persuades with design. He’s created hundreds of pitch decks, for corporates such as PwC and ING, and for numerous Startups, – and is the driving force behind the Pitchy concept.

Pieter-Jan Pieters, Product

A 2x TEDx speaker, Pieter Jan is a product design leader and creator of OWOW. He has raised hundreds of thousands with Kickstarter campaigns, and has developed product design for brands such as Audi and Rabobank.

Helped over
800 Startups
Helped over 11000 people
with corporates
Raised over 200 million euros
worth of funding


Where to find Pitchy HQ?

Pitchy is a brand based in the Netherlands and England, check the locations below for more information.

Pitchy Eindhoven HQ

Fuutlaan 14-E
5613 AB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Pitchy Amsterdam HQ

Johan Huizingalaan 763A
1066 VH, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Pitchy London HQ

Rainmaking Loft
International House
1 Saint Katharine’s Way
London E1W 1UN
United Kingdom


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